5 Creative Ways Companies Are Changing their Workplaces

Creative the workplace, wonders are the outcomes!

An interesting workplace sparks creative ideas and innovative thoughts allowing employees spend their day productively without getting bored. This has been the main reason for the unconventional changes seen in many office spaces these days.

The business owners and office managers clearly know the importance of providing a productive office space for the employees. They also understand that a workplace is not just a shelter for the workers out there, but it’s also a strategic tool to boost employee collaboration and productivity which ultimately affects company growth. Lately, we’re seeing some innovative changes on the workspaces which are said to be the course of actions that promotes wellbeing of employees.

So what are those changes that are bringing a change in employees work culture as well?

1. No Fixed Place

Have you ever heard of hot-desking? Haven’t you?

It’s just that where employees will not have a fixed place or desk for them at their office. Evolution of technology, the wireless internet connection, tablets and notebooks have made it even easier for employees that they don’t have to be chained to a place all the day working.

Instead, they can just move around the office space, and work where they feel comfortable. Basically, when the employees enter the office space, they aren’t compelled to stick themselves to a desk. They are free to choose their place to work. May it be a couch, chair, or an open table; just go, sit and start working.

For this to work, companies must have taken special care to organize the office space to suit hot-desking. But sometimes hot-desking can make the employees choose a place and stay there the whole day which affects the employees’ communication. And, the whole plan of hot-desking goes in vain if you don’t make the employees understand the benefits of it.

2. Movable Desks

Most of the companies still follow the traditional way of arranging the desks in a permanent place, but very few have gone out-of-the-box and have come up with the idea of movable desks.

These desks are not just movable but are also the puzzles, which can be moved, attached and detached forming different and comfortable shapes as wanted by employees. The desks can be arranged according to their needs (working individually or collaboratively). Isn’t this a nice idea to foster employee collaboration?

3. Music Rooms

Who doesn’t like music? It’s always a shot to your refresh your mind keeping you lively and zealous.

So why shouldn’t it be a way to boost the employees’ productivity at the workplace?

For the music lovers, it’s certainly a let off steam at work. In their hectic schedule, nearing deadlines and the work pressure, a music room can burst the stress out of them boosting their energy.

Music rooms don’t mean that you have to fill the room up with all the musical instruments. Just a drum set, keyboards, guitars, microphone, stands and a small stage should be super fine. A few companies are already practicing this strategy and it seems to be working well for them. LinkedIn is one among those few companies and it’s employed this system in its headquarters.

However, you need to make sure that the room is soundproof to avoid over noise complaints.

4. A Super Desk

You can give it any name! I’m calling it a super desk because it’s a desk that allows as many as about 150 people to work together.

It’s not completely like an open office, but the concept can be related. To represent their collaborative approach many multinationals companies have adopted this super desk system where the employees can communicate with ease. 

5. Green Office

Green office doesn’t mean green paint, green interior and the green furnishings. It means bringing in the live plants to the workplace. Bringing in the live plants and other natural things to the office keeps employees inspired.

A recent research says that adding plants inside the office increases the employees’ productivity by 15%. A green office conveys a silent message to the employees about their welfare.   

Many companies have started adding the live plants and greenery to provide employees a healthy environment which automatically boosts their productivity.

All these changes on the workplace have reportedly given positive results to the companies that have employed them. Ultimately, office space design is all about employee satisfaction. You just have to provide them what they want to be productive.

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