5 Must-Haves for a Commercial Office Space Today

How should an office space be for employees to be happy and productive?

Should it be in a metropolitan location? Should the space have all high-tech facilities?

What are the amenities one would look for when he/she is looking for an office space?

Well, office space is something that really plays a crucial role in the success of any business. A business owner should understand the employees’ needs and provide them what they want. And, these days there have been a few amenities without which the office space is not at all considered as a good place to work.

So, what are those must-haves for an office space? Check out our list of 5 must-haves here:

1. Good Environment

“Focus on being productive instead of being busy – Tim Ferries”

Yes, one should always focus on being productive instead of being busy. But, how can one be productive at work if the office space itself if so boring and uninteresting? Isn’t it difficult to be focused in a messy office space? It definitely is. A neat, calm and beautiful environment stirs the senses of employees and allows them to come up with new ideas and thoughts which greatly help the growth of the company.

Good environment doesn’t mean you have to add some super-lavish elements to make it attractive to your employees. Sometimes, proper ventilation adds a great beauty to the workplace. You can also play with interiors and wall decors to make it an interesting place to work.

2. Easy Commute Options

Yet another important point companies should be concerned about while choosing an office space is the commute options available for the office location. It’s good to have office space in a location where the employees can reach without any difficulty.

Nobody would want to travel for a very long distance with no facilities to reach office easily. Sometimes, difficulty in commuting can also be a reason for an employee to think of switching the company. So, companies should either provide cab facilities to employees or consider having their office in a location that has frequent buses or local trains so that the employees can reach office easily.

3. Parking Facility

Every office space should have a dedicated parking place for their employees’ vehicles. When the mobile workforce increases, employees will obviously have to get their own vehicles to the workplace, and they want their vehicle to be safe.

So if you’re looking for an office space for your business, consider choosing the space that has good parking ratio, so that the employees can park their vehicles without having to fear about damage, theft or any other mishaps.

4. Proximity to Amenities

Closer the office is to amenities like restaurants, coffee shops and hospitals, easier it will be for your employees to do what they need to. Where will the employees have their lunch/dinner if the company is not providing food, and there are no restaurants nearby? Not just that; these amenities can also be a great hangout place for your employees to spend their free time and relax along with their friends or teammates.

Along with amenities, it’s good for an office to be located close to services that the business needs. So, before just signing a lease, make sure that the office space you’re choosing is close to airport, post office and the location of your clients and vendors.

5. Good Structure and Utilities

Last but not the least; you should also see if the office building that you’re choosing offers utilities to support your business objectives. An office space should have all the utilities to comfortably handle the workload generated by the company. So, make sure that the building’s electricity, water and ventilation systems are up to the current standards.

Also see if the building is structurally sound enough from foundation to roof. Check if the bathrooms are sufficient for employees and clients and consider if you have to make any structural changes on the space.

Are you looking for an office space that qualifies all the above mentioned points? If yes, just let us know your requirements. We at Furnished Office Bangalore provide you the required assistance and help you find an amazing office space for your business.

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