5 Things Employees Look For in the Workplace

Many business owners are not just aware of how important the office location and design can be. The location, design and environment of the office impact a lot on the employees and their productivity. Every employee will have a vision and expectation of how the work place should be. Though it’s hard to satisfy the demands of all the employees, simple things like providing sufficient space, flexibility, allowing them to decorate their desk, can certainly keep them motivated and helps them be productive during the working hours.

Here are the 5 things that employees look for in the work place:

1. Good location: First and foremost thing that every employee look for is a good location. I.e. they should have access to all the important places like stationary, hospital, coffee shop and so on. One more important thing is the public transport system; the employers need to make sure that public transport is available, so that commuting will not be a problem for the employees.

2. Natural Beauty: Few business owners sacrifice natural beauty for the convenience of a good location, but it shouldn’t happen. Of course, it’s bit difficult to find the space which is in a good location surrounded by natural beauty. But you can always bring the outdoor inside to add a natural look to your office; it also helps in enhancing the productivity of the employees.

3. Employee Perks: Workplace will be more cheerful when the employees are kept lively and that is how they expect it to be. Some offices include a fitness centre, so that the employees can use it before, during or after the work hours. Few companies also provide treadmill desk stations for the employees, which keep them fit and productive. It would be good if the company can cater lunch for its employees, so that they all can enjoy their lunch together.

4. Togetherness: Office spaces these days are not bringing the employees together. Consider designing the space in such a way that it’s easy for employees to work with each other. Open space concept can help some but it can be disturbing at times. However, employees love to be in collaborative areas having breakout rooms to rest, discuss about the projects or receive phone calls without disturbing others.

5. Flexibility: Flexibility at workplace allows the employees and employers to make some minor arrangement on the working environment to suit them the best. It doesn’t just help them in maintaining the work/life balance, but also enhances the productivity of employees and efficiency of the business. As long as the employees are receiving their entitlements, employers and employees can negotiate on the ways to make the workplace flexible.

Finally, the employees must be ensured that the office space offers everything that they actually need. The peace, harmony, inspiration, good ventilation, natural light, eco-friendly materials, and other things that help them to be lively in the workplace. And it’s not too much for them to expect it. Considering all these things while designing or searching for an office space will surely be a plus for any business as it helps in making the employees creative and productive. 

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