Are Companies Running Behind Flexi Office Systems?

Analysing the statistics of today’s commercial real estate, experts have noticed that the companies are very much inclined towards flexi office systems these days.

Wondering what are these flexi work systems?

It’s just that the companies moving away from traditional cubicles and adopting an agile workplace strategy while helping the employees make the productive use of their working hours. It allows employees to create a flexible and productive environment for them. It offers them the flexibility to get out of the cubicles and work in different areas of the office.

It could be any area within the office premises like quiet pod, cafeteria, arm chair, collaborative bench space or the traditional desk. The employees have full flexibility to work wherever they want; it’s just that, they have to be more productive during the working hours.

Several global IT / ITeS companies having a back-end and shared service operations in India (Gurgaon, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune), have adopted this format, and the idea seems to be working. SAP, Accenture and IBM are a few companies that have adopted this strategy.

Is the Agile Workspace Strategy Working?

  1. With more and more IT / ITeS companies running behind agile workspaces, the strategy seems to be working well. Of course it will work, as it provides employees a feel of not being restricted. It enables the efficient usage of resources and space in accordance with the outcomes related to sustainability and profitability, while also helping the company to retain talented and efficient employees by offering great personal empowerment and work life balance.
  2. It seems that the companies employing flexi office systems optimize the real estate usage and also reduce costs to a great extent. According to a recent research made by an established property consultant, the annual cost savings is in between $120,000 and $320,000 for about 200 employees, and is approximately equal to the cost savings made on one floor of a standard sized office space.
  3. Agile work spaces are clearly an evolution from the standard business centres because of which we are seeing a great demand for flexible workspaces from IT / ITeS companies.  Flexi work systems provide employees the freedom to work where ever they want, which allows them to be more creative, intuitive and also improves their productivity and communication across different departments.

While the top-class organizations like Unilever and Google utilizing the benefits of flexi work systems, you can just think of how it can bring the desirable results to your business. It facilitates the employees to choose how productively they can work, with the innovative tools and resources to support them.

One of the biggest changes that we can see in flexi office systems is that, no employees will have a personal space at the office. With the arrival of these agile workplace concepts, real estate can now be used more efficiently. Also, the firms will be able to give larger places for their employees with facilities like medical rooms, game rooms, and breakout zones and so on.

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