Are You Considering Your Employees While Choosing Office Space?

Choosing a near to perfect office space for your business is a daunting task. As a business owner or facility manager, you have to consider lots of things before finalizing the lease. You have to ask yourself a lot of questions while choosing an office space like:

Is the location good for our business?

Is it cost-effective for our business?

Apart from these business-related considerations, have you ever thought about your employees while choosing an office? It’s your employees who will be working in that office space so better consider them too before deciding. It’s an employer’s responsibility to choose an office which can make and keep their employees happy.

Here are few important questions to consider for your employees when choosing office space:

Is your workspace size enough to accommodate employees comfortably?           

Employees spend a considerable time of their day in the office so the office must be comfortable for them. Nobody wants to work in cramped spaces. A facility manager should make sure that office space would be enough for the employees to work comfortably.

Typically an employee needs 100-250 sqft space in the office to work comfortably. It depends on the nature of work and office setup. Offices need more space for easy navigation and comfort of employees. The employer should make sure that employees don’t feel like they are cramped in little spaces.

Planning is really important in calculating the exact size you need for your office. Facility managers should ask themselves the following questions for calculation of office space size:

  • How many employees currently work for my company?
  • How many of them need cubicles and how many can work in open setup?
  • How much are we going to hire in coming years?
  • What kind of employees we are going to hire in future and what type of desks they need?

Answers to above question will give you an exact estimate for the size of office you require to accommodate all employees comfortably.

Are you providing sufficient parking space to employees?

While choosing an office space you need to consider parking spaces as well. The following question will help you in deciding:

  • How many employees are using their own vehicle to commute and what kind of vehicle they have?
  • How much parking space you are getting for your employees?
  • Is that space sufficient to accommodate all the vehicles of your staff?

If it’s not possible to have enough parking space in the office premises then look for a public parking nearby prospective office. It’s very important to provide free or affordable parking space to your employees. A business owner should consider a location where enough parking spaces are available to accommodate all vehicles of the employees.

Does your office location have easy public transportation and other facilities?

Apart from providing parking spaces to employees, you also need to consider public transport facility at your office location. There is a high chance that not all employees have their own vehicles to commute to and from office. Lots of your employees might be using public transport for commuting. So as a business owner it’s your responsibility to choose an office space where public transport facilities are available. Ideally, there should be bus stops or metro stations in walking distance from the office. If it’s not possible then check for the alternate transportation mediums available to that location. 

There are few other things you need to consider in addition to the public transport facilities like restaurants, coffee shops, parks etc. Having these facilities near to the office can boost the morale of employees. Employees can use these facilities in need. They can plan for team outing without much hassle.

Are you providing comfortable gathering spaces to employees?

Collaboration in the workplace is very important for any business. It’s the sign of an effective and high-functioning team. So how can we skip this part while choosing an office space? It’s highly recommended to have a nice gathering space for employees to collaborate on work.

A dedicated break area for employees can be a great thing. It can provide employees an abode to ease, munch, and blend during their organized breaks. This kind of extra space might increase the cost of office a little bit but there are ample advantages of having them. It helps employees to create a sense of community among them and improve collaboration.

By considering above points you can make your workplace great for your employees. Contact us at Furnished Office Bangalore to get an employee-friendly office space. We can help you in finding an affordable office space with great amenities.

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