Furnished Office vs. Unfurnished Office: Which is best for Your Business?

Moving into a dedicated office space from a home office is certainly a good decision if you feel that your business is growing and it needs to have a dedicated space for the operations. In this peak time of your business growing into a new level, all the decisions made by you must be well-thought. Because, one wrong move can put you up in a serious trouble making you think of moving back to the old home office, or even winding up the business sometimes.

So think thousand times if it’s really time for you to make your move, and if your answer is yes even then, it just means that your business is growing and now you need to analyse the pros and cons of moving into an office space and choose the right space for your business. But, what are the questions that you need to ask yourself when you decide to move into an office space? Here are a few.

  1. Should I Lease or rent an office space?
  2. What is the budget?
  3. Which location would be best?
  4. Furnished office or unfurnished office?

Every point mentioned above has got lots of significance, and you’ll have to address them cautiously. Most of the business owners do not consider the last point (furnished vs. unfurnished) while making their decision of moving into an office space. They think that going either way would make no difference; but it does. You need to be aware of the pros and cons of both furnished and unfurnished office spaces.

There was a time when every business owner who wanted to move into an office space, preferred unfurnished space, but now the time has changed and so their thoughts about unfurnished spaces. These days they are much into furnished office spaces; it might be because of the cons associated with unfurnished office spaces or the pros of furnished ones.

The unfurnished office spaces may attract you because of the comparatively low cost. But you also need to think about the costs associated with the office setup, right from furnishings, infrastructure, work floor, partitions and many other expenses. You will just be provided with the building, and you’ll have to do the rest. But with furnished office spaces, you can just enter the space and start your operations.

What are the benefits of Furnished Office Spaces?

1. Time Saving: Furnished office spaces are said to be the best deals for the small and medium sized companies; if you are thinking of having customized space for your office, furnished offices might not be the best choice, as you barely get an opportunity to make changes on a furnished office space. Of course you can customize it to your taste to an extent, but not as you can do with unfurnished office spaces. But the thing with them is that, there is no need for you to think of customization if you take some time and find a space that best suits your business. They save significant time of yours that you spend customizing the office space.

2. Everything is set: There are number of furnished office spaces to choose from, where everything is set. All you need to do is that, set your team and get started with the operations. May it be the work floor, furnishings, phone lines, internet connection, and the environment; everything will be set before the space is handed over to you.

So, it’s probably the best choice to go with furnished office space and start your operations instead of getting into unfurnished office space and spending your money and time to make some customizations to suit your business. Just take your time and search for a furnished office space that makes you feel that it’s customized for your business. You’ll definitely find one, as there are numerous fully-furnished office spaces available in the market.

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