How to Improve Productivity of Employees at Workplace?

Create an employee-friendly work environment to ensure the utmost workplace productivity. The office is like the second home for the employees as they spend at least one-third of their day working there. So as a facility manager it’s your job to ensure that your employees find your practices to be most optimal to their workday.

Your employees are the people who are most affected by the workplace environment you are providing to them. So they should be among the stakeholders in deciding the workplace structure and procedures.

Productivity is directly linked with employee’s satisfaction at the workplace. If employees feel good about the work environment then they work more enthusiastically. It will directly help the company to produce more at the workplace.

Here are few easy ways to create a productive work environment which is really good for bringing up with your employees for their approval.

Arrange all amenities close by in the Office

Employees love to have all the office amenities close by in the office. If basic amenities like fax machines, copiers or even restrooms are situated close by then employees feel that office space is more accessible to them.

It’s not always possible to have all the necessary amenities close by but an employer should prioritize the things according to employee’s needs. For example, Facility manager has to decide where to put fax machine depending on who uses it most.

Maintain a welcoming workspace

Office space should be a welcoming one.  Office space interiors play a vital role in creating the environment welcoming enough. Everything in the workplace should be eye-catching, from wall art to tiny plants in the passageway.  

There should be a happening cafeteria in the office premises. It helps employees to be happy at the workplace. You don’t need to change a lot of things to achieve this but changing smaller things a little bit can make a world of a difference.

Create a quite office space

Apart from being welcoming, an office space should be quitter enough so that employees can concentrate and focus on their work. Quite workspaces provide its employees an utmost peace of mind resulting in greater productivity.

If you have an open office space then it might be distracting for the employees. You need to be extra careful in case of open spaces. You can setup few noise-blocking cubicles or workstations in the open office space to overcome this issue.

Provide comfortable office furniture to employees

Your employees are at work for at least 8 hours a day and sometimes it can exceed up to 12 hours too. So it’s really important to select office furniture which will be comfortable for all employees. Seating arrangement should be inviting for creating a comfortable office space.

The desk setup should be convenient for all the workers to access on a daily basis. It should be good enough for their health too. The chairs should be comfortable enough to support the backbone for long hours of sitting. If employees feel good and have good health then you can expect maximum productivity from them.

Two things are really crucial for the productivity of employees at the workplace, appreciation from the employer and an office setup which offers the most comfortable and useful features possible. By providing employees a comfortable office space you will be showing them that you care for your office and your employees.  It definitely boosts productivity at your workplace.

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