How to Keep Employees Happy?

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful” – Albert Schweitzer.

For any company to be successful, it’s the first requirement that all employees feel happy. If they feel happy then the productivity will automatically boost. Little things count whenever it comes to employee appreciation. It doesn’t need a lot of money to appreciate employees; even smaller companies with low budget can make their employees happy.

A recent research has already proved that employees work harder when they are happy. High job satisfaction of employees makes them more loyal to the company and it increases engagement too. Business leaders and HR experts are always looking for the best ways to keep employees satisfied.

Here we are bringing together few ways to keep employees happy and productive at workplace-

1. Incentive Programs

Performance based incentive programs always work. It’s a proven way to increase employee’s happiness and company’s productivity. Incentive programs can be complicated in the case of ineffective planning and implementation.

It’s better to focus on organization’s main goals that everybody can help achieve regardless of their position in the company. There should be a proper system in place to calculate the performance of every individual. Points should be awarded on the basis of contribution in achieving the goals. Then after a certain interval (monthly, quarterly, half yearly and or yearly), the incentives should be paid. It will create a healthy competition at the workplace to perform better to get the incentives.

2.  Encourage Employees for Outside Lunch

When employees are working really hard they need some rest to freshen up the mind. In workaholic culture even taking lunch breaks can be seen as a luxury. Most of the employees either skip their lunch or simply eat at the desk. It should not be a norm for any organization.

As a business leader, you should encourage your employees to take a break and go out in the cafeteria or nearest restaurant to take the lunch. Breaks are really necessary to have fresh air to freshen the mind. When employees start going out for lunch they can start their work with more energy after a break.          

3. Provide Free Snacks to Employees

Nothing can be more satisfying than snacks in the office. It’s one of the most successful ways to satisfy the employees. It can be a little challenging for a new company if they don’t have enough money but the good news is that it can be done on a shoestring budget. From coffee machine to fruits, chips, it can be anything. Choose anything which works for your budget and company culture.

4. Mix of Office Supplies

Although it’s a very small thing to offer a variety of office supplies to the employees, but it can make a big difference in happiness index. Different people have different preferences when it comes to office supplies.

Blue pen, black pen, spiral notebooks, plain notebooks, different shapes and sizes of water bottles and multicolor sticky notes, there can be a lot of variety of office supplies. When you offer them a variety of these things they will have a chance to choose according to their preference. It can enhance creativity and make your employees more productive.

5. Help Employees in Getting Discounts from Local Businesses

A business can help another business to grow. Keeping this thing in mind a lot of restaurants and service based companies are happy to set up a discount for a local company’s employee.  You as a business owner need to find out those local service providers and restaurants to get discounts for your employees.

You need to be open to their business model. It will help your employees in getting things and services at discounted prices and it will make them happy. On the other hand, local businesses will get more customers. So it’s a win-win situation for all three parties involved.


By applying above strategies you can make your employees feel happy about the company. It doesn’t need to be expensive all the time. It completely depends on the business model and funds you have for the employees.  

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