Office Space Ideas for Start-ups with Shoestring Budget

With the incredible growth of technology, number of start-ups is growing each day with enthusiastic entrepreneurs coming up with new business ideas. But what’s bothering these start-ups the most is the budget to run their business efficiently. They need to manage everything right from employees’ remuneration to office space rent and maintenance within a shoestring budget. And obviously, the major part of their budget in the initial phase goes to the office space. This has been the main reason for most of the start-ups still operating from home.

But, how efficiently can the employees work in a non-professional environment?

How long can they sustain their productivity level when they are working from home?

Definitely not for a long time! It’s really hard for employees working from home to be focused for a long time and work to their full potential.

So if you are one of those entrepreneurs with a minimal budget and an extraordinary idea bothering about the workplace, here are few office space ideas through which you can operate efficiently in a professional environment in a small budget.

 1. Business Incubators

Yes, you can try business incubators! Wondering what these incubators are? They are the agencies that provide business assistance services for start-ups and early stage companies. Business incubators differ from tech parks which mainly offer office spaces for large scale projects and organizations.

Basically, it allows you to work in a professional environment by providing access to the basic facilities like workspace, Internet, conference rooms and other services that you would require to work without any hiccups. If you enrol your company to business incubating service, you’ll have access to an inexpensive office space with all the basic facilities.

2. Collaborative Workspace

May it be the shared office space or co-working, collaborating with other companies on the work floor can significantly reduce your investment on the workspace. Unlike technology parks, in collaborative workspaces, you just have to pay for what you use.

It’s like a gym membership; you can pay on monthly or daily basis. Paying on a daily basis can be really beneficial for those companies that want to use office space only on specific days and not daily. However, the model doesn’t suit for all the businesses as co-working and shared offices have got their own disadvantages like high noise and privacy issues.

3. Try Alternatives

As and when you decide to start a business of your own, you need to analyse the pros and cons of having an office space. Firstly, you need to think if you really want an office space. This basically depends on the number of employees you have and the pace in which the company is growing.

If you think that the company is still small and would be difficult to manage the budget for an office space, you can try out alternatives like small warehouses or even residential homes, which are relatively much cheaper and less competitive. That again depends on the type of your business; you can opt for these alternatives only if you think it suits your business.

4. Small Office Space

This is probably the best one among all the office space ideas mentioned above. Because having an office space of your own is always a plus for your business as it adds some value to the company while also helping you enhance the brand image. It also provides employees the sense of freedom and privacy while allowing them to be productive during the work hours.

When budget is the main concern, you can consider small office spaces in less competitive areas, which you can get in an inexpensive cost.

There are innumerable small office spaces available in the market. You just have to find an experienced commercial real estate agent who can help you find a space that suits your budget and the business. You don’t have to go elsewhere to find one; we’re right here!

Furnished Office Bangalore is a property management firm having considerable experience in commercial real estate. Just let us know your requirements; we’ll provide you the list of available office spaces and you can choose the best one.

All great things start small; let your business be one. Think big, start small and make it huge!

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