Top Fringe Benefits of Having Office Space in Tech Parks

ech Park: A place offering wide range of services to companies by accommodating and allowing them to carry out their operations easily.

Tech parks usually have some close links with the industry, and they offer office spaces to avail access to the best infrastructure. They generally provide office spaces on a long term lease or on rental basis where all the facilities like workstations, discussion rooms, conference rooms, parking space and so on are included with the service.

Many business owners surmise that having an office space in a tech park can be too expensive, but they seem to be forgetting a few incredible benefits that a tech park has got to offer. Of course, rent can be a bit higher when compared to the other office spaces out in residential areas, but the exceptional facilities certainly make you feel you are paying a worthy amount.

So, what are those inordinate facilities that the tech parks offer? Check them all.

Basic needs are not just basic!

Basic doesn’t mean very basic needs like cubicle, work stations, washrooms and nothing else! As already told, once you enter a tech park, you have all the access to the best infrastructure you can ever experience. May it be the high speed internet connection, meeting places, pantry, discussion rooms, centralized AC, parking space, dining area, multilevel parking for two wheelers and four wheelers, ATMs, gym, and what not!

Along with these, tech parks will also have sport rooms where you can spend your free time playing your favourite indoor sport. This also helps employees feel relaxed during their hectic work schedule.

Yet another perk is the beautiful and well maintained garden; it relieves employees’ work related stress caused by sitting in front of monitors for long hours.

Maintenance? Chill, that’s not your job!

This is one of the huge benefits that a tech park can offer you. Being a business owner, you’ll have several responsibilities, and office maintenance shouldn’t really bother you on top of your business related concerns.

If you set up your office space in a tech park, you don’t have to worry about the operation and maintenance of your office, as there are professional companies to take care of it. Tech parks will have dedicated vendors for each and every service offered there. They take care of your office maintenance right from cleaning to infrastructure administration, so you can solely concentrate on the development of your business without having to worry about the maintenance.

Your company is 100% secure!

Having the office space in tech parks, the companies are 100% secure as they have well planned security systems. They provide 24/7 professional security and fulfil your needs efficiently. Even in case of any environmental disasters, you can be sure that you’ll be safer in tech parks than you would be in a normal office building as the building structure meets international standards and they’ll be assessed and revamped at frequent intervals.

All the tech pars are implemented with advanced fire protection systems that there’ll be an automatic fire alarm when there occurs any fire accident. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the elevators, as they are maintained by the property management company.

Leaving these aside, there’s yet another important benefit of having office space in a tech park.  It’s nothing but great visibility. When your company is located in a reputed tech park, there’s always an upper edge of getting noticed by huge clients, as most of the multinationals have their offices in tech parks. Also, there’s always an easy access to transport system.

Don’t you think your company should also be located in a reputed tech park to avail these incredible benefits?

So why wait? Let us know your requirements. Furnished Office Bangalore provides you an exhaustive listing of available office space in tech parks, just have a look, shortlist a few, choose one and give your business a great exposure.

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